Friday, May 13, 2005

Save the filibuster - Write paper today

It looks like Frist and the Right are gearing up for the final assault on our judges and courts by bringing the vote on the filibuster to the floor May 16. Here's an excerpt from MoveOn calling us to action by writing letters to the editor (with ideas on content).

"For months we've worked together to hold back the radical Republican scheme to break the rules of the Senate and stack the courts with far-right judges. We've matched their every move with a wave of popular opposition that has broken their ranks and sent them scrambling to regroup.

"But regroup they have – and Frist is now vowing to stage the final confrontation as soon as next week.[1] The vote remains too close to call and – once again – it's up to us out here in America to hold the line.

"As they approach the moment of decision next week, all our senators will be watching the local press trying to gauge the public's reaction. One of the simplest, most effective ways we can get our message out is by filling those papers with letters to the editor – and that means submitting your letter this week. With our online tool and talking points (below), aimed at exposing the Republicans' alarming new strategy of intimidating judges, you can write and submit your letter in just a couple of minutes.

Please write yours today:

Happy writing. When we get our group's name established, we can start referring to our group in these letters.

See you May 21.



Blogger EastTexasBlueDog said...

Kate, I tried to phone both Senators today, but their lines were totally tied up. So I e-mailed both of them, begging that they maintain the Senate's historic traditions and vote against cloture next week.

I'll bring info on that and other topics to the meeting on the 21st.

4:07 PM  

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